Jobs and Commission Center

As a service to students, alumni and the general public, NBSS offers a three-part online career resource.  The first part provides students or alumni access to jobs posted by employers who seek individuals with the training NBSS provides.  The second part is a form for employers to post jobs. The third part allows any individual who has a singular job (“a Commission”) to reach a specifically targeted group of students and/or alumni who have been trained in that craft/trade.  


For NBSS alumni and students seeking jobs and commissions

The Job Postings are password-protected and available for viewing by North Bennet Street School alumni and current, full-time students through the online Alumni Center. If you are a graduate of NBSS, email us for instructions on accessing the Alumni Center. Please include your full name, your current mailing address, the program you studied and the year you graduated. Upon confirmation of your status, you will be sent login information.

For Employers seeking NBSS alumni and students

If you are an employer with job openings and you are interested in hiring North Bennet Street School alumni or students, please complete the Job Posting Form. Your listing will be reviewed and posted.

For individuals seeking a student or alumni for a single job or commission

If you are not hiring an employee but rather seek someone to do a specific job for you (e.g. “a Commission”), complete the commission form. Commissions are initially shared with current students, if no student is available, or the work is deemed by the instructors as inappropriate for students, the commission is circulated to alumni. In all cases, your first name, town/state, email address or phone number and job description is provided and you negotiate the commission  details directly with whoever contacts you.  

For homeowners with a project for the carpentry program

The North Bennet Street School carpentry program spends time each academic year working on residential projects in the Boston area. The best projects are less than one hour driving distance from Boston, have design drawings and are not rush jobs. Clients receive superior work from students and master carpenter instructors for the cost of materials plus a modest day rate. Successful projects include additions, garages and small houses. Clients and/or designers can submit projects for consideration by completing a simple form. Download the form or call 617-227-0155 x120. 


NBSS Job Bank

Search jobs and opportunities in the Alumni Center. (A username and password is required).

Post jobs

Carpentry students work on residential projects for clients. Learn how to submit a project to be considered. 

Graduates benefit from the commission referral process

Every year, the North Bennet Street School gets hundreds of calls and emails from all over the country from individuals hoping to commission NBSS students or graduates to do some work for them. The diversity of the requests covers the full range of NBSS’s eight current disciplines. Alumni who request commission alerts receive emails from the Office of Student and Alumni Services. Alumni who do not receive commission notices by email and would like to should email Jason Gregoricus at with a current email address and your name will be added to the list.